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End-to-end customs services

You need goods from another part of the world, you don’t know where to find them and you have no time to study regulations and peculiarities in that country. Take the load off your mind and allow us to assist you in all complex trading and logistics matters.

Experienced in Global Trading and Logistics

With a long track record in logistics, our team knows the industry inside out: from international cargo transportation, to relations with customs and document requirements. Our qualified professionals have many years of experience in trading, logistics and customs clearance. We offer expert advice to optimize your time, effort and costs. It makes us trusted partner for companies all over the world.


We focus on the key aspects: the preferences and needs of our customers. It is vital for our team to deliver on time, keep the customer informed throughout the delivery process, double check all documents. This experience and expertise are the cornerstone of customer relations and operating principles at Intrade Management..

Personal approach

We consider it very important to maintain ongoing contact with our clients so that we can apply feedback directly into our daily operations. We want our clients to feel comfortable with us, we don’t like you being connected to different people and listening to annoying music while waiting for someone to help you in this complex process. We prefer to have one contact per client, handling your shipment and making sure your goods are carefully monitored until they arrive at their destination.

With many years in this industry and a personal approach,
we ensure the best logistics solutions for your business. Every company is unique, and every project has its peculiarities. That is why we are convinced that personal approach, flexibility, proactive communication, and open dialogue are indispensable.


Global trade services

Intrade Management team has years of experience in finding reliable and high-quality suppliers all over the world. We have established contacts with large and small producers, and by carefully selecting the clients at a later stage, the company has created a wide range of articles. We have many channels to select products, and it can help you to save costs and time. It is especially important if you want to do business successfully in other parts of the world and work with countries that have specific rules and regulations. Working with us means that you will avoid all the pitfalls of doing business in such countries. We can take over the entire purchasing and logistics process for you.


Intrade Management can provide you with a wide range of international freight and customs clearance services. With a strong background in logistics, our specialists know the industry inside out: from international cargo transportation, to customs clearance and document requirements. We specialize in all types of road, air and sea transportation, the choice depends on the location of goods and your deadlines.


Delivery By Land

Intrade Management is a reliable truck transportation partner. We offer both full truck load (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) services, both palletized and non-palletized, in boxes, or in extra or special packaging.


Delivery By Air

We will help you organize delivery of urgent or especially valuable cargoes by the fastest and sometimes the only possible means of transport — by air. We are able to deliver cargoes from any airport across the world.


Delivery By Sea

We also have long-term relations with major sea companies, and can offer a wide range of sea transportation services, including full-container-load (FCL) and less-than-container-load (LCL) delivery. High safety and cost-efficiency of sea transportation as compared to other means of transport are its undeniable advantages. Moreover, high capacity of sea vessels allows transporting larger cargoes.



We provide a full range of services related to customs clearance. Our specialists will choose the best way of customs processing for you, providing individual approach and high quality of service. We are experienced in organizing forwarding and storage services, insurance of your cargo, and local delivery after customs clearance, all the way up to the consignee’s door.


If you want greater control over your transportation expenses and activities, there is a need for experts who are well informed in the field of logistics. Intrade Management provides exactly these kinds of experts. Our trading and logistics solutions generally save up to 10% of your logistics costs. We review, analyze and help you to plan your logistics activities or find solutions when needed. As a result, you will achieve the desirable level of your goods transportation with high quality and at lowest possible costs.


1532 Freights delivered
148 Clients
12 Years of expirience
17 Countries

Global trade services

Why Intrade Management


Costs and time saving — Using Intade Management is the ­wisest way to purchase and deliver goods from a third country to the European Union or vice versa.


Less risks and obligations for you — We assume full liability for the contract operations until we deliver the goods to you.


You do not need any special knowledge of third countries’ rules if you work with Intrade ­Management — Our experienced team will take care of it for you.

You can contact us to order any international delivery and customs clearance services you need, we will be happy to save you from all logistics worries.

How we do it

  • First, we meet you to discuss your objectives and the goods you need. After that, our search for the best suppler begins.
  • Then we provide you with a list of possible suppliers and required products, and you can choose the best option in accordance with your tasks.
  • After choosing a supplier, you will receive full consulting support when concluding a foreign economic contract.
  • At your request, our company can conclude a foreign economic contract with a supplier on your behalf and purchase the required goods for you. In this case, you will be free from the worries of interaction with suppliers and customs authorities.
  • We will provide all permits and documents required for the transportation of goods.
  • We will offer you the best way to deliver the goods, take all the worries of this process and deliver the goods to your warehouse door.
  • In case you order goods from several suppliers, we can provide consolidation and storage of goods in our partners’ warehouses, and then transport the goods in the same container.
  • If you want to make sure of the reliability of the supplier, we will provide a professional surveyor who will visit the manufacturer’s factory before purchasing and examine the product samples. The inspector can control the production process, check the quality of goods and the deadlines.


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